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Voicing Ideas

The human voice is a remarkably powerful tool. Through it we can impress, encourage, persuade, convince and inspire those listening to us. However, many people simply do not get the most from their spoken voice.

Voicing Ideas is an exciting new programme from Conducting Business. It is a unique opportunity, led by the distinguished international soprano, Alison Pearce. Courses aim to help individuals exploit the extraordinary asset that is their voice.

Visit Alison Pearce's web site for more background information.

Coaching begins with:
• Body posture and breathing techniques
• Articulation and enunciation
• Vocal power and projection.

But this is just the start.
Once the basics are understood, learning proceeds to uncover the variety of ways to make maximum impact:
• Inflection and emphasis • Pace, phrasing and pausing
• Connecting with the audience • Psychology of intent

Consideration is also given to presentation planning, body language, use of presentational aids etc. This learning can then be applied in a “safe” environment with feedback. Depending on client requirements, components and emphases can be varied. Teaching can be delivered through one to one sessions or interactive groups, or can take the form of a master class.

cipd A letter in response to our Art of Presentation Workshop at CIPD conference 2008

body Alison Pearce has a distinguished international career as a soprano soloist in oratorio, opera and recital. She appears with the world's leading conductors and orchestras at major venues and festivals as well as broadcasting for radio and television. She is Professor in the Vocal Department of the Royal Academy of Music, and is regularly invited to give master-classes throughout the world.