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What We Do

Our goal is to provide an alternative and rewarding perspective on the processes that leaders and team members use.

Through interactive musical work with Adrian Bawtree, we powerfully illustrate techniques and models of leadership, team working and other management skills which can be applied in participants' work.


We constructively challenge conventional concepts about the role of leaders and the process of team working. Participants are involved throughout in a process that can appeal to all learning styles.

Conducting Business sessions are tailored to meet your organisation’s needs and can complement and dovetail with other training provision. Our offerings start with one to two hour “fun” sessions. These can be ice-breaker events to help gel a new team but also offer an alternative way to give an established team time out and gain fresh insights into working together.Our more in-depth sessions can take the form of half or full day events focusing on particular themes.

These events can include:

  • interactive learning with a high-performing musical team
    (such as a professional string quartet);
  • the introduction of creative musical work;
  • the chance to reinforce learning through coaching participants to a higher level of musical performance.
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